Static Vision - 'I Got Her Number'

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A gritty new rock band from Limerick, Ireland, Static Vision have fought their way to the forefront of the UK's independent rock scene with latest single 'I Got Her Number'.

The new single is the first release from the band's home studio which they built earlier this year in their parent's garage. A celebrating of a rare situation, the single sees the trio taking on a sharp sound, offering rampant rock licks that tie into a sonically-driven post-indie sound.

Speaking about the single, Cian of the band shared, "The song is a celebration for a rare situation of a romance seeming like it's going to work out." He continued, "When I brought it to the lads (Tom and Toby) we worked on it for a bit and added a few extra things like the breakdown after the 1st chorus which gave it a more Pixies feel to it."

Currently a talented trio of brothers Cian and Tom O’Dowd, along with close friend Toby Shane, the band first made their mark while still in their teens, with the first line-up of Cian, Tom, Stephen Ryan, and first cousin Paddy Walsh recording ten songs in a single day. The release became their debut EP, 'What Is and Now', which paved the way for things to come.

After finishing their follow-up EP 'Faith in the Future', the band fell apart, with the members moving in different directions. The EP Itself wasn’t released until late 2019 by Cian and Tom, who despite what happened, wanted to continue. After going through various drummers It was during lockdown they jammed with Toby and the rest is history.

Together Static Vision have released a new EP last year titled 'New Beginnings', played countless gigs over Ireland, and earned over 8 million views on a TikTok video they made of their kitchen ceiling collapsing. Most recently with their mother’s permission, the band were allowed to convert their home garage into their own home recording studio where they are now working on new music for 2023 and beyond.

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