Stefano Pesapane – ‘Belle Come Il Sole’

A genre-bending composer, multi-instrumentalist, and producer from Latina, Italy, Stefano Pesapane has become a unique and wonderfully engaging fixture of the modern music scene. With a sound that journeys through smooth jazz, vibrant EDM, and downtempo grooves, Stefano’s music is a world unto itself, and with every new song, he’s adding another brilliant adventure.

As a young man, Stefano studied and performed all around his home country, developing and refining his unique style in nightclubs all across Italy. After studying at St. Louis in Rome and at Berklee College Music, during the Umbria Jazz Summer School, Stefano pushed his sound to new limits, working and performing with his band Nightworkers as he toured all around the Mediterranean. In 1999, Stefano moved to the Netherlands, where he still resides today, and since then he’s spent the last few decades playing with bands all throughout his new home.

When we last heard from Stefano, he was championing his lively EDM anthem ‘After All’, but today, he’s chosen a different path, carving out a delicate love story that takes flight through a dizzying trap rhythm accompanied by some gorgeous and wonderfully warm, atmospheres. Studded with calling trumpet sounds and a delightfully deep voice that croons through spoken word passages, the single unfolds to give a timeless long-distance love story.

Speaking about the new single, Stefano explained, “’Bella Come Il Sole’ tells of a love story of our times, between two people who meet on a social network but live very far from each other (he is in Europe and she is in Asia); but, starting to interact, they discover that they have common tastes and interests and, slowly, they fall in love with each other.”

‘Bella Come Il Sole’ is the third song in a sort of trilogy, linked to a love story, which began with ‘When You're Not There’ and continued with the song ‘Un Solo Breath’.

In 2019, Stefano released his first self-produced indie album, ‘Miles Away’, which took him directly to the top of the Reverbnation indie chart. The album was followed by the singles ‘Dry Shift’ and ‘While There Is Time’. You can stream the new single above or as part of our annual Spotify playlist, where it’s streaming alongside some other brilliant anthems from 2023.

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