SUPATHICK - 'In The Thick Of It'

Threading electro-pop with dashes of funk groove, hints of R&B and an overarching love for fresh and sharp pop sensibilities, dynamic group SUPATHICK reveal their sophomore EP, 'In The Thick Of It'.

The four track release shows us SUPATHICK operating at a new creative peak: revelling in new influences while refining the ones that have made them such an endearing group to watch in recent years.

Built around Christian Zappia’s natural songwriting skills and bolstered by equally talented musicians and the undeniably gorgeous vocals of Keely Brittain, the SUPATHICK appeal has always focused on the group’s sharp ear for melody and mixture of sounds in making something that feels very current. The appeal of their music has been reflected in the band’s stats; with over 40,000 monthly listeners on Spotify alone, close to 20,000 monthly channel views on YouTube, and a performance history that has seen SUPATHICK excel as headliners and supports for artists including Ocean Alley, The Veronicas, Spacey Jane, Great Gable and The Babe Rainbow.

'In The Thick Of It' weaves its own tapestry while keeping the core sonic identity featured on previous SUPATHICK material very much alive. Featuring singles ‘Love Back’ and ‘Own My Mind’, the EP delivers expert basslines with melodies that remain in the listener’s head. Thematically about love, relationships and self-awareness, the EP takes the listener on a journey as Zappia navigates his way through some unique experiences against a soundtrack that is irresistible to get around.

Christian explained, “This second EP, for me, is really about learning to trust my own instincts musically and creatively. Each song lives in its own world and has its own colours, which I think happened more naturally than intentionally. "

"‘Healin’, ‘Love Back’ and ‘Own My Mind’ are all love songs to an extent but differ in the angle they take, and Little Bit More is more of a reflective track I wrote after a talk with my Dad. He told me when John D Rockefeller was asked, “How much money is enough money?” he answered with, “Just a little bit more”. And that guy was filthy rich. So it’s kinda a slow-down-and-smell-the-flowers type vibe.”

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