Swanley's Faded Shades Drop Raucous New Single 'What I'm On About'

Gritty and unapologetically British, indie rockers Faded Shades are back with their most anthemic single to date, 'What I'm On About'. Through the new cut, the Swanley trio continue to build on the momentum of their debut album, channelling the raw energy of rock icons like Oasis and Arctic Monkeys while delivering a fresh take on that classic sound.

At its core, 'What I'm On About' is a raucous recounting of a hazy, disorienting night out in Amsterdam. The song's urgent energy is undeniable, pulsating with raucous guitar riffs and a driving bassline made for headbanging. It's no wonder Faded Shades chose this as the ultimate closer for their live shows – the sheer infectiousness is undeniable.

The new single is a perfect example of the band's unique sound, a vibrant snapshot of their scene-reinventing style. The track perfectly encapsulates Faded Shades' appeal - they give a nod to the legends while carving their own path in the modern British rock landscape.

The band describes themselves as "dapper gents with a penchant for loud, jangly rock and roll," and that swagger bleeds into their music. Alongside their classic Brit rock influences, Faded Shades mix in an edge of working-class charm and even a splash of artsy sensibility. Their lyrics paint vivid pictures of youthful nights out, messy relationships, and the occasional hard-won victory.

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