Swedish Pop Sensation SVEA Drops Nostalgic Debut Album 'The Last 90s Bitch'

SVEA, the 24-year-old Swedish pop artist with Greek roots, has finally released her highly anticipated debut album, aptly titled 'the last 90s bitch'. Born just days before the dawn of the new millennium, SVEA's music is an homage to the iconic era of Britney, Christina, and Destiny's Child, filtered through a modern lens.

This playful yet empowering collection of songs is a testament to SVEA's journey as an artist. After signing her first record deal at 17 and amassing over 160 million streams, the pandemic forced SVEA to reassess her approach. "I was sick of writing painfully sincere songs," she admits. "I wanted to make songs that make you smile, laugh, and dance."

The result is an album filled with sharp production, empowering lyrics, and a nostalgic nod to the 90s that's both fun and ironic. 'The last 90s bitch' is a love letter to the era's pop music, showcasing SVEA's evolution as an artist while celebrating the carefree spirit of her youth.

SVEA's triumphant return with the single 'Iconic' in 2022 paved the way for this exciting debut. Now, with 'the last 90s bitch', she invites us to join her on a joyous journey back to the era of glitter, girl power, and unapologetic pop anthems.

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