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We will be away from the 13th of May until the 6th of June. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Sydney's Highline deliver a triumphant debut album filled with heartfelt tales in 'Shapes We Figure Out'

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Sydney's indie-rock scene has a sparkling new gem in the form of Highline. Their long-awaited debut album, 'Shapes We Figure Out', paints a poignant picture of youthful restlessness, wrapped in vibrant guitar riffs and soaring melodies. It's a testament to the band's enduring friendship and musical growth, which began in the humblest of places - their high school jazz band.

From the opening chords, it's clear that Highline haven't wasted their journey. While their 2019 singles, 'Had to be Said' and 'Mirror,' were solid introductions, they really hit their stride in 2020. The pandemic may have thrown a wrench in their live shows, but it didn't dull their creative spark. Songs released during that time laid the foundation for the excellent 'Strictly Dreaming' EP, culminating in a celebrated sold-out show once live music resumed.

Highline's resilience and talent shine even brighter in their latest work, a long-awaited record that charms and impresses in equal method. Built around lead track, 'Days Go By', is a powerhouse, overflowing with the bittersweet sting of growing up. The album doesn't shy away from those darker, introspective moments, but always balances them with the infectious energy that defines Highline.

As the album unfolds, Highline deliver a mesmerizing blend of indie, brit-pop, and alt-rock influences. It's undeniable in the catchy hooks of 'Low Flying Planes' and 'Crooked Plan', while elsewhere, on songs like 'Exit A' and 'Days Go By', the band tread more spacious, ambient ground, showing off a very different side to their infectious indie edge.

The true highlight of the album through, as many will be aware, comes in 'Believe Me I'll Run', a stellar lead single that hits with a dynamic ebb and flow. In every chorus, the music lands with a powerful surge of emotion, enriched by the nuanced introduction of lead guitar, which adds depth and resonance to the arrangement. Throughout, it's Sam Rigney's soulful vocals that truly elevate the song to something special.

'Shapes We Figure Out' is not just a collection of songs; it's a chronicle of five young men navigating the unpredictable terrain of life. Highline wears their hearts on their sleeves, inviting listeners to share in their triumphs and uncertainties. If this stellar debut is any indication, Highline's rise is a sure thing.

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