Tarita adds new life to his single ‘Summer Fling’, a release eighteen years in the making

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A scientist by day and a musician by night, Tarita’s journey in music began at the age of 20. Living in the UK and Poland, she performed improvised cover music with various bands, but always wanted to share her own stories and experiences. After an eighteen-year hiatus, Tarita has reignited her passion for songwriting, stepping out into the spotlight with new single ‘Summer Flight’. 

A song that lay dormant for almost two decades, ‘Summer Fling’ delivers a laid-back melody and instantly relatable lyrics, carving out a charming sound that speaks to the transient nature of holiday romances. With a hint of hesitancy at the start, the song gradually unfolds into a tale of wanting to spend more time with someone special. It’s a song that shines through Tarita’s serene and evolving style, with every moment carefully cultivated to capture an unforgettable experience. 

Recorded live in a studio in Poland, where Tarita spent a significant portion of her life, ‘Summer Fling’ exudes authenticity and nostalgia. Collaborating with talented musicians Marcin Bukowski, Marcin Julius, and Carlos Bautista, Tarita infuses the track with a professional production that enhances its allure. The slow rhythm of the song, coupled with Tarita’s captivating vocals and beautifully written lyrics, creates an atmosphere that is both soothing and evocative.

More than just a song for Tarita, ‘Summer Fling’ is the latest chapter in an incredible journey, seeing the artist finding her passion and following her dream. For the listener, it’s also a moving listening experience, taking you back to warm, carefree days filled with unforgettable experiences. Tarita’s latest release promises to be the perfect soundtrack for those moments of nostalgia and joy, with its laid-back melodies and heartfelt lyrics landing as a testament to Tarita’s talents.

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