Temperance Lancecouncil – ‘My Restraining Order (Won’t Do)’

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A multi-talented artist based out of Los Angeles, California, Temperance Lancecouncil has channelled her passion for music into a burgeoning career as a recording artist, but she has also fashioned herself as a blossoming actress, journalist, social political commentator, and comedienne.

A dynamic singer-songwriter who has created a substantial string of singles, Temperance proudly wields her soulful country music style, delivering contemporary, yet timeless sounds that are destined to create a stir. Today, we’re spotlighting her latest spirited offering, a gorgeous new single that serves up a dark and cautionary tale.

Backed by her own personal history, ‘My Restraining Order (Won’t Do)’ outlines the story of an abusive relationship, one where the offending party refuses to move on or see the error of their ways. It’s a song that was written as part of a therapeutic form of expression for Temperance, and she expertly conveys every emotion and painful moment in her vocals. While touching on a serious subject matter, Temperance is still able to provide some levity in her lyricism, allowing the song to be accessible and enjoyable, without veering too far into the tragedy. Temperance’s vocals stand out with her rich, signature sound, the song’s country sounds and blues undertones create a truly enjoyable atmosphere.

Speaking about the new single on Soundcloud, Temperance explained that it’s a “song about a country girl who shoulda left her man when she first saw "red flags" but stayed ... until he used PAWS. She had to get an RO, but the RO didn't work and she had no choice but to call the pokey ... to take him away.”

An impactful song that further proves Temperance’s talents and helps establish her as a provocative, avant-garde songwriter and creative, ‘My Restraining Order (Won’t Do)’ is available now on all major streaming platforms. For more, make sure you follow Temperance on her social media pages below or head on over to her Spotify and Soundcloud pages where you can find all her releases so far.

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