The Antenna Tribe shares dark and evocative new single 'Masks'

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The creative vehicle of independent songwriter-producer Sean Whalen, The Antenna Tribe debuted in 2021 with the release of 'Gold Mine', and since then, it has become an ever-present musical force. Armed with a cinematic and expressive sound, The Antenna Tribe artfully blends a chilled downtempo vibe with elements of classic trip-hop and modern downtempo electronic styles.

Working with talented vocalists from around the world, the prolific producer has continued to impress over the years, delivering a remarkable volume of work that has showcased his immersive electronic sound perfectly. Most recently, The Antenna Tribe has shared 'Masks', his first single of the year, and an incandescent reminder of just how powerful the project is.

Released on the 1st of March, 'Masks' sees Sean once again teaming up with okafuwa, carrying their impressive partnership forward into the new year. Opening with an enticing dark pop vibe, the new single is filled with minor-key synths, lingering organ notes, and percussive electronic arpeggios, setting the mood as okafuwa adds some soulful meditation into the mix.

The track's haunting atmosphere is forged through the minor-key synths and melancholic organ tones, allowing okafuwa's vocals to intertwine with the instrumentation perfectly.

2024 promises to be an eventful year, consisting of many new releases and ultimately resulting in the release of two additional full length albums; one commemorating the collaboration with singer-songwriter, okafuwa, and another fulfilling an instrumental body of work.

Within the project, Sean is continually seeking out new collaborations and exploring a variety of projects, some of which are anticipated to arrive in his upcoming releases.

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