The Forum - 'homesoon'

Florida indie-rock outfit The Forum is back with a bang with 'homesoon', their first release of 2023. An energetic and emotional alternative rock track overflowing with jumpy beats and infectious hooks, 'homesoon' presents listeners with the heartache of a long-distance relationship and the
patience necessary to overcome it.

Back on their feet after a fall season of touring and promoting August release 'Honeypace', The Forum found themselves in familiar territory: itching to put words to the pieces of themselves they’d gained in the past year. Brimming with momentous excitement after their November tour, the trio decided to reign in their spring travel plans and instead hone the sound of an idea that had nagged at them since early 2022.

Emerging from the ensuing studio sessions and Zoom meetings is a year ahead full of a revitalized authentic sound, and there was no better place to start than the concert-ready 'homesoon'. Inspired by the brightness of synth-heavy guitar rockers like St. Lucia and The Wombats, The Forum combines their signature guitar hooks and intricate drum builds to create a plush soundscape with a heartbeat and breath of its own. Pulsing synthesizers and chiming guitars rest over a chorus beat that the group dares you not to dance to. The organic nature of the song's inception hearkens back to the authenticity of the band’s live-from-a-room writing style – the first phone recording of the idea was taken on a break while in the studio tracking 'Honeypace'.

The collaboration of mixing and mastering engineer Josh Cobb and producer Trenton Ropp creates a booming modern pop-rock anthem with a finishing touch that propels homesoon to the next level. The structured approach to this song was trusted to artists close to the band, a challenge the group knew would take some time to perfect – but when the dust cleared, that anxiety was far in the rearview.

The first installment of a full year of releases ahead, 'homesoon' is streaming now.

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