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The Shed Project - 'Our Fear Is Their Power'

  • 2 min read

The Shed Project are back with a brand new single, the latest since their emotive collaboration with WhysUp, 'If You're Getting Busy (You’re Getting Better)'. The new single arrives as a powerful indictment against those in society who hold all the power.

With the new single, The Shed Project are continuing to find their own sound, capitalising on a newfound attitude and approach that steadfastly delivers a slice of honesty to the masses. 'Our Fear Is Their Power' is the title track for their new album which is due out in October, and follows on from previous single 'If You’re Getting Busy (You’re Getting Better)', which was a standalone single released to support and promote the charity WhysUp.

Harking back to the tone of tracks by the likes of The Specials and The Beat in the early 1980’s, 'Our Fear Is Their Power' is a politically charged anthem depicting the state of Britain in 2023 where many feel powerless in the current political climate and lies and corruption of the both the establishment and the main stream media. Opening with powerful drums thunderous drums which lead into a brooding baseline which sets the tone for the rest of the song. the band delivers an impassioned, emotional performance, conveying the frustration and anger felt by many, which a soundbite from Boris Johnson highlights.

Our Fear Is Their Power” is a standout single from The Shed Project and a timely reminder that music can offer a message and make a difference. Whether you’re a fan of indie rock or not, this is a track that’s worth a listen – and a message that’s worth taking to heart.

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