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The Sometimes Island - 'Neon Summer'

  • 2 min read

The new single from tropical indie-pop band The Sometimes Island, 'Neon Summer' arrives as if Daft Punk and Fleet Foxes had a lovechild that was sent to boarding school for sounding like The 1975.

Inspired by crashing waves on sunny Southern California beaches, juxtaposed with the sadness of a summer break-up, the new cut is a synth-heavy pop laced anthem with introspective lyrics and bright, colorful sounds. It's inspired by crashing waves on sunny Southern California beaches, juxtaposed with the sadness of a summer break-up. Sonically, the track features an undercurrent of tropical, beachy themes, with lyrics that touch on 90s nostalgia and summer imagery.

A throbbing bass line, dance-worthy melodies and soaring harmonies create an all-consuming, uplifting atmosphere, where you’ll find yourself getting lost in the warmth of their vibrant glow. Frontman Blankenship Jr. shares, “I hope this song inspires people to spontaneously do something summery. I hope they’re inspired to forget themselves for a second and do what makes them happy, and feel childlike.”

Led by charismatic frontman Matt Blankenship Jr., drummer Nick Lopiano, and bassist Bryan Mears, the trio has seen immense success in their four years together, including over 9 million streams on their latest EP 'Beverly & Barbara', and a #2 spot on Apple’s Alternative Chart, beating out Billie Eilish. With their quick rise to success, it may come as a surprise that Sometimes Island is label-free. A DIY band at heart, they’ve seen incredible support from their community and fans, allowing them to grow as rapidly as they have.

"When you live without cheat codes and shortcuts, you get really crafty,” says Blankenship Jr. “I think scrappiness is essentially creativity applied. There's only one way to make it in music, and that one way is different for every musician, so I focus on our strengths and what makes us unique.”

For the members of The Sometimes Island success isn’t about the accolades. It’s more than just hearing Earmilk say they have a “true miscellany of musical capabilities” or LA Weekly praising their single 'Phantom Limb' by saying “they aren’t anywhere near finished with their climb.”

"Hearing from real people how our music has changed their lives is why I make music,” says Blankenship Jr. “I love writing songs, but they truly take on meaning when they're out in the world. I'm pushing the boundaries of who I am and what I'm capable of by being a musician."

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