The Sooks - 'Burn Me Out'

Putting their own surf rock twist on music fans of local acts such as DICE, Skegss, The Terrys and more broadly, The Strokes, would love, Western Sydney's The Sooks have produced a powerful and energetic track in ‘Burn Me Out’. The band’s new single, filled with a driving rhythm, brings together punchy guitar riffs and captivating vocals. 

‘Burn Me Out’ follows the feeling of alienation and disconnection from the world, and the frustrations that come with feeling stuck in a rut. Speaking about the new single, the band explained, ‘Burn Me Out’ explores the feeling of being alienated from the things around you, being disconnected from the world and feeling like time is passing by when you are stood still. We all get that kind of feeling of being burnt out by something or someone, and this song is sort of a tribute to that universal frustration.”

'Burn Me Out' was recorded at Sonar Studios in Sydney and was produced and mixed by Jack Nigro (Pacific Avenue, Skegss, DMA’s). ‘Burn Me Out’ was mastered by Darren Ziesing (Flume, Lime Cordial, Rufus Du Sol). The track features an explosive, catchy chorus that's sure to get crowds singing along and dancing at live shows. A song that came together over a quick period of time, 'Burn Me Out' is The Sooks at their most creatively satisfied to date.

The Sooks continued, “After realizing that we had studio time booked in, we thought it would be a good idea to write a single a few days beforehand haha. So we sat with acoustic guitars and put the song together in like 20 minutes from scratch, lyrics and everything."

"We were heaps thrilled to be tracking up in Sonar Studios in Tuggerah with Jack Nigro, we like his work and so we knew that the song would come together just fine. After a long day of tracking all the instruments, we waited for Jack to work his magic in the mixing studio and the song was done."

The band has received community radio support from RTR, FBi and 2SER from their previous releases 'Motley’, ‘Lucy’ and ‘Red Brick House’. The Sooks have previously performed at NOIR CITY Mini-festival and Indie 500 festival, as well as opening for Annie Hamilton, Jet City Sports Club, Satin Cali, Sputnik Sweetheart and The Moving Stills.

Alongside the release of ‘Burn Me Out’, The Sooks will be blessing Sydney with a launch show at Waywards, Newtown with supports of Grxce and Pseudoclub on Friday May 5th.

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