The Southern River Band - ‘Modern Romance’

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Brilliant Perth-based five piece, The Southern River Band already hold an iconic status with their guitar fuelled madness and howling rock ‘n’ roll, and today, they've taken it even further, lashing out with the brilliant new release, 'Modern Romance'.

The culmination of everything that makes The Southern River Band great, the new release is gritty, steadfast, and filled with palpable power that sees a face-melting guitar solo that feels equally at home on both a national festival stage or your local bar. Since the first iteration of the band in 2015, they have carved out a devout following in that time who seek the unparalleled level of energy that takes over whatever stage they occupy.

In true form, ‘Modern Romance’ is an exploration of the frustrations of 21st Century dating. Lamenting the mind-games and technologically-warped pressures of this confusing spectacle we often partake in. Frontman Cal sings, “I’m double checking, second guessing every word that I say, just another of the stupid little games that we play”.

Speaking further about the influences behind the song, he says, "'Modern Romance' is about exactly that, traversing the already murky waters of love in the digital age. It's pretty easy to sorta create a facade on the internet, so you never really know what's going on, or how many people someone has on the go at one time, but if someone just all of a sudden stops talking to you completely, you can bet it's more than just you (laughs). Then you know, you're kinda just left there wondering what happened, and you're sitting there hunover as fuck on a Sunday morning scrolling mindlessly through your favourite addiction (I can quit anytime i want, honest), and then you see the person that all of a sudden stopped talking to you looking mighty cosy with someone else. You hit unfollow, and thus, the circle of life and love continues."

‘Modern Romance’ was recorded at RADA studios, and  was produced by Dan Carroll (Carla Geneve, Grievous Bodily Calm,  Vikki Thorn (The Waifs), Jack Davies) & mastered by Grammy Award-winning Australian sound engineer William Bowden (Gotye, Spacey Jane, Kylie Minogue) at King Willy Sound. These influences see a masterful production of crunchy, gritty bass with soaring guitar riffs and powerful vocals that sees a follow up to previous single ‘Are You Up?’ and ‘Vice City II’, kicking off the first release of 2022 with a band.

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