Thousand Frames - ‘Love’s Run Out of Time’

A triumphant metalcore band who caught our attention with the release of ‘Done Blaming Myself’ earlier this year, Thousand Frames have continued to assert their musical dominance over 2023 with the release of new cut, ‘Love’s Run Out of Time’.

Released just a few days ago, the new single is another cinematic and wonderful evocative release from the Denver-based band, delivering a poignant release that artfully reflects the challenges and tragedies of modern life. Built around the band’s innate ability to create powerful melodies, hard-hitting guitar lines, and sharp, punchy percussion, ‘Love’s Run Out of Time’ hits in all the right ways.

As with their previous single, ‘Love’s Run Out of Time’ is a brilliantly evocative piece, combining music, heart, and soul into a captivating call to arms. Announcing the song with their press release, the band shared, “In the face of today's tumultuous times, ‘Love's Run Out of Time’ stands as a poignant anthem reflecting the prevalent challenges and tragedies. Thousand Frames delivers a compelling call to action, urging listeners to rise against the injustices that surround us, emphasizing the scarcity of love in our contemporary world.”

They continued, “Building on the success of their previous single, Thousand Frames continues to impact audiences with their profound musical expressions. "Love's Run Out of Time" is a heavy-hitting composition that not only captivates with its musical intensity but also resonates with a powerful message.”

Setting a new standard, not just for the band, but for the metalcore scene moving forward, ‘Love’s Run Out of Time’ is a purpose-built and perfectly delivered track. It’s a release that has the power and passion to encourage every listener to feel inspired and motivated through their personal walk in life, and it’s quickly becoming one of our favourite singles of the year so far.

You can stream the new cut above via Spotify, where it has already gained over 5,500 streams in its first week of release. For more from Thousand Frames, be sure to check out their website and socials below.

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