Tobin Rock – ‘Breathe Again’

A talented musician who has had us enraptured for the last few years, Tobin Rock is back with an endearing rock anthem inspired by indie titans like Snow Patrol and Muse. A stunning cut that sets itself firmly in rich atmospherics and charming, addictive melodies.

Based in the bustling heart of Chicago, Tobin Rock has built his sound from nine incredible singles, carving a path through the modern music scene with a timeless and wonderfully tactile rock sound. Backed by charismatic vocals and an undeniable passion, he’s become the epicentre for his own musical revolution, crushing the independent scene and laying the foundation for his debut full-length album.

For his new single, the brilliant ‘Breathe Again’, Tobin Rock has delivered a song of resilience, one that delivers clever lyricism, powerhouse vocals, and a vibrant musical experience that will leave you speechless.

Speaking about the new single, Tobin Rock explained, “As an artist, songwriter, musician, etc., you should write, speak, and create from whatever inspires you. As there is so much crazy going on in the world right now, I feel committed to attacking social issues and confronting what is really affecting or challenging us all. With ‘Breathe Again,’ I’ve found it so helpful lately to reflect on the mind-blowing enormity and complexity of the universe around us and to put things into perspective about how the human race always finds a way to carry on. And in this massive existence, at the end of the day, all we have is love, which, like John Lennon said, it’s all you need”.

With all proceeds going to the Ukrainian Red Cross, ‘Breathe Again’ is a must for anyone looking for something delightfully unique and emotive this summer. Stream it today!

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