Tori BLK – ‘Dark Madonna (Rajut Dance Remix)’

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An undeniable singer-songwriter and producer based in Yuma, Arizona, Tori BLK has long since been known for her songs of heartbreak, loss, and fortitude. A talent who draws inspiration from the dark side of the moon, she writes music as a true storyteller, infusing every song with passionate lyrics, one-of-a-kind vocals, and her incredible imagination.

After impressing us last year with the release of her scintillating four-track EP ‘The Fools Heart’, Tori BLK has revisited an old track of hers, breathing new life into a dark classic for its tenth anniversary. A celebratory release and remix that is set for release on Marth 17th, ‘Dark Madonna (Rajut Dance Remix)’ sees the original single completely revamped, delivering a brilliant new mix that is sure to impress even the most casual of listeners.

The original track, which you can stream below, first aired in 2011 when it was released as part of the ‘Impermanent Human’ EP, and since then it’s been patiently waiting to step back into the spotlight. Speaking of the track and its upcoming remix in an interview with Unseen Plays, Tori BLK shared, “It’s a vampire story that can be left to the imagination but that also includes bits and pieces of my romantic life back then. I was always going for that vampire kind of girl. So, in many ways, this song is LGBTQ orientated since I am open about being a lesbian through this track. Anyways, I wanted to revive the song and let the older and newer audience take listen to a remixed version for the 10th anniversary of the song and the entire EP.”

The entire remix project is dedicated to the TB solo project that started ten years ago as a way to showcase some of Tori BLK’s past work. Along with the new remix of ‘Dark Madonna’, Tori BLK will also be sharing an entire remix EP in the Summer of 2023, covering three more remixed tracks from ‘Impermanent Human’.

Speaking further about what we can expect in the coming year, Tori BLK added “I have an entirely new EP being made at this time. I should have a single out after the release of ‘Dark Madonna Rajut Remix’. The date isn’t set yet but the song title is called ‘Blue Dreams’ and I am super excited about this upcoming EP because it’s something that I wrote completely from start to finish in my bedroom studio.”

For more from Tori BLK, and to make sure you don’t miss out on all that is to come, make sure you follow her on her social media pages below.

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