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Tower Crane Towers – ‘Cloudy Skies, Clear Intentions’

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A brilliant musical project who first emerged in the summer of 2018, Tower Crane Towers formed, at least conceptually as a multimedia art project spearheaded by an enigmatic duo of creators and innovators. An outlet for their unspent creative energy, the project quickly evolved into an all-encompassing multi-medium project that used street art, stickers, black and white photographs, and iconic imagery to deliver an unbridled fervour of creative energy.

A wonderfully enigmatic experience, the core members of Tower Crane Towers remain anonymous, hiding their identities to avoid comparison or affiliation with any one scene. Beginning as a street art and photography concept, that branched out to "give a soundtrack" to images and design, Tower Crane Towers impressed fans and critics alike in 2020 with the release of their acclaimed debut EP, a unique release that combined DIY perfuming, photography and silk-screening into a unique and wonderfully innovative first vinyl release.

Armed with fast and driving melodies and emotionally challenging lyrics, the release of the collective’s first EP was an undeniable triumph, and while it was initially designed to be an experiment encompassing different mediums and sensory experiences into a collective whole, it quickly took on a life of its own, carving a path for new emotions, experiences, and events that would eventually become their second full-length release, the brilliant ‘Cloudy Skies, Clear Intentions’.

Released on January 24th this year, the new release is a powerful reflection of time's relentless march forward, representing a journey in two parts; the inevitability of destroying that which we love, and the journey over the geography of our flawed hearts. Built with the aid of some impressive guest artists such as Tim from hardcore outfit HOWLETT, Joost from punk rock melody makers INKBOMB, and the infamous Detroit personality Jimmy Doom, frontman of legendary punk band The ALD, the new album is everything we’ve come to love about Tower Crane Towers and more, delivering a cataclysmic mix of exhilarating, melodic, and wonderfully anthemic punk rock brilliance.

As with their initial vinyl release, the physical version of ‘Cloudy Skies, Clear Intentions’ is packed with new innovations and additions that are sure to make it a must-have release for any collector. Pressed as a limited edition of just 300 copies on smoky ultra-clear and multi-colour splatter vinyl, the album is aided by the ARTIVIVE app, with the band utilising augmented reality to further develop the stories in their music, a first in the industry. Grab your copy today on Bandcamp.

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