Troglodytic Curmudgeon - '1st Sequence'

If you were kicking around our website in early 2021, you would have undoubtedly come across White Devil. A recording artist, producer, songwriter, creator, and dark, visionary artist White Devil landed on our radar with the release of his destructive ten-track release 'Year of the Tyrant', a twisted album that shone aspowerful statement of intent. Now, the enigmatic artist behind the White Devil moniker has taken on a new guise, redefining his sound as Troglodytic Curmudgeon.

Unleashed alongside debut EP '1st Sequence', or '1st Sequence: The Perpetual Cycle of Devourment' to give it its full title, Troglodytic Curmudgeon is a deafening foray into more extreme metal sounds. Built on four experimental tracks, the new EP has already been called everything from "A menacing exercise in edgy cyber metal" to "demented crackhead gibberish", but the truth of it, probably lies somewhere in-between. A filthy collection of ideas that White Devil has stacked together, '1st Sequence' is an unyielding crash course in outsider metal, capturing a raw avant-garde style that intense, chaotic, and absolutely undeniable.

Similar to 'Year of the Tyrant', the new EP sees movie samples dubbed with machine beats, and every song is completely saturated with stark, unstoppable sounds. A horror fans delight, everything about the EP is over the top and wonderfully psychotic, ensuring you wont ever feel bored while tuning in.

Speaking about the new project, White Devil shared with us, "After re-mastering 'Year of the Tyrant' I thought I'd do a "quick side project" of more extreme metal to coincide with my old bandmates' new project Protrusion. "Quick" ended up being seven months. 'Troglodytic Curmudgeon' is just an inside joke because I'm a grumpy old caveman, and the EP idea was basically inspired by my tyrant toddler son (the original vampire-werewolf). The entire thing is a loose adaptation of the Chronos mythology."

He continued, "Unlike the White Devil material, I made sure to use only public domain horror movies for this one, so there are no licensing issues. I intend to continue the project as EP's between White Devil albums, the next one being '2nd Sequence, Titanomachy', maybe early 2026... I'm remastering 'Blame It on the Goat' now (Spring 2024), and then have to complete 'Abandon All Hope' (2025)."

With four songs totaling over twenty-five minutes in runtime, '1st Sequence' is not for the faint of heart, but for those willing to dive in and take on the challenge, it's a chaotic and rewarding listen.

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