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A transformative hip-hop artist from Zurich, VAITO has been performing regularly since 2019, delivering an impressive string of releases that perfectly showcase his eclectic style. With roots that dig into hip-hop, house, funk, rock, and contemporary jazz, he weaves a unique blend of sounds that is always entertaining. Today, we’re proud to be shining a light on one of his most vibrant releases to date, the sun-kissed ‘SÄG IHRE JETZT’.

Heavily influenced by Cape Verdian Funana music, ‘SÄG IHRE JETZT’ is one of those songs that you have to move to, creating an undeniable sense of rhythm that will flow through you in an instant. Produced in his studio in Urdorf, the song is a captivating introduction for those not yet acquainted, as well as a powerful new piece that will definitely keep his current fanbase happy. Available now on all major platforms, it’s a song that captures the magic of summer, delivering bright tones that collide perfectly with VAITO’s charismatic style.

Speaking openly with ys about the new single, VAITO expressed, “Summer is over and I know it's getting colder, but music is the best time machine. This is a good feel song about admitting your love to your crush. what else do we need? Its heavily inspired by Cape Verdian Funana music, and is a sure way to get your body moving.”

Known for his innovative approach to music,  and as a co-founder of VR-Entertainment, VAITO has produced and collaborated on numerous critically acclaimed projects. His music combines powerful lyrics with dynamic production, capturing the attention of alternative music lovers and listeners worldwide. VAITO's dedication to his art is evident in his strong work ethic and commitment to his craft. For anyone who loves genre-bending music that challenges expectations and pushes boundaries, VAITO is a name to watch.

Musically, VAITO cannot be classified exactly. His roots are clearly in hip-hop, but he also experiments with house, afro, funk, rock and jazz. He records and writes most of his music himself, standing firm as an independent artist and a strong live performer. When VAITO accelerates on stage, no one in the audience stands still. Regardless of whether it is an open air event or a retirement home, VAITO can perform anywhere.

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