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Vincent J – ‘Out of Breath’

  • 2 min read

A child of the early 2000’s, Vincent J spent his formative years in Mount Lebanon, growing up amongst the music and sounds of the mountains and city. Inspired by the bold and ever-changing meanings, colours, and beauty, of the world around him, Vincent was driven to create art, using it as an escape from the darker and more hellish parts of life. Influenced by his elder sister’s taste in music, which ranged from Dalida, Rihanna, and Lady Gaga, to Coldplay, Akon, and everything in between, Vincent’s musical journey is one steeped in vibrant pop sounds.

After spending years writing and refining his style, Vincent was recruited by his mentor, Mario Daniel, to be part of the band Dopamuze, which became Vincent’s home for the next two years. After countless hours rehearsing and a string of live performances, the band came to an end, but the passion it inspired in Vincent has lived on until this day.

By 2021, Vincent had become entirely devoted to making music his life, and after being signed by NYC’s WhiteKid Records, he was finally able to kickstart his solo career. Since being signed, Vincent has unlocked a world of possibility, and he’s made good use of his time, pushing the boundaries of modern music with his diverse and wonderfully immersive debut single, ‘Out of Breath’.

A single that holds to no specific style of genre, ‘Out of Breath’ is arguably one of the most emotive and heartfelt releases of the year, capitalising on bold, authentic lyrics and a deep, relatable message. Musically, it’s a single that encapsulates the modern day, challenging perceptions and blending sounds into an impossible, yet utterly enjoyable release.

Writing about the honest and often hard to face moments in life, Vincent uses ‘Out of Breath’ as a way to transform them into surreal and fantastic sounds, layering human emotion with glistening new age sounds. It’s the personal nature and human touches conveyed within his melodies and the arrangements that make Vincent’s music so captivating, and on his debut single, he handles everything with a sense of style and grandeur.

Vincent's personality revolves around being someone unafraid to be emotional and empathetic, but at the same time solid and able to move forward. It’s a progressive and wonderfully organic style, creating a free space through which his music can expand and flow openly. With no intention to define his music of stick to pre-determined genres, Vincent is focused on developing a sound true to whatever he feels, writes, and sings, and on his debut single, he’s showcased a beautiful combination of all his influences.

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