Walter Bennett - ‘Remind Me Tmmrw - Book One’

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A talented R&B and soul artist from the bustling streets of Far Rockaway, Queens in New York, Walter Bennett has arrived on the music scene in a flurry, delivering a fully-formed and instantly impressive debut album. Delivering seven original tracks that capture his bold creative streak, ‘Remind Me Tmmrw - Book One’ is arguably one of the finest independent releases of the year so far.

A wonderfully personal release, the album is a raw and honest slice of Walter’s life stitched together with smooth R&B beats, emotive soul melodies, and wonderfully eclectic influences. Speaking about his path to music and the album, he shared, “Through my life I’ve seen a lot and been through a lot. It wasn’t until I was about 18 that I found music. I had some friends already making beats and rapping and all of them thought I should try. So one day I fucked around and started writing and a recording a little. Pretty soon making music consumed me and through this journey it’s been the only thing to get me through it and not lost.”

Opening with songs like ‘The Bar’ and ‘Fall In Lust’, Walter artfully takes stories from his life and balances them with his raw, calling vocals, fettered musical tones, and slow, building melodies. It’s a brilliantly curated sound, balancing honest, heartfelt moments with polished production and stark, poetic passages. Elsewhere, Walter dives into more straightforward soul sounds in ‘Hard2luv/Bad4u, Pt. 1’ alongside more nuanced, textured sounds in the closing tracks ‘Silent Karma’ and ‘Leave Behind’. It’s an enchanting sound that Walter has created, delivering a rustic, enduring sound that grabs you tightly and never lets go.

Speaking openly about the album, Walter explained, “My music is just art at the end of the day, at its core it's R&B and Soul but I have influences from all kinds of genres. I'm just telling stories from my life that hopefully others can relate to and help them through something they were trying to figure out.”

Available now on all good streaming platforms, ‘Remind Me Tmmrw - Book One’ is an impressive introduction to Walter as an artist, offering a wonderfully timeless sound that is original, honest, and undeniably charming. A powerful snapshot of an icon in the making, the album is an encapsulation of everything that is fresh and exciting about New York’s independent scene.

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