The Richmond Band – ‘Remington’

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Comprised of five best friends at the top of their creative game, The Richmond Band have built their sound on an unwavering passion for music. Taking lead from some of the top bands in the world, The Richmond Band have forged their unique musical style in the very heart of the indie world, arriving at a blend of rock, folk, country, and even a dash of old school grunge. With their legacy just beginning to form, and praise arriving from both sides of the Atlantic, the band have cemented their place on the independent scene with new single ‘Remington’.

With a flurry of intricate acoustic guitar, soaring solo's, and thunderous drum and bass lines, The Richmond Band first announced themselves in 2019 with the release of ‘Stand Up’, an emotive track that captured the essence of the band’s diverse style. Fast-forward a year, and the band have pushed the boundaries even further, launching a full-scale aural assault on the charts with their massive new single. Originally inspired by Kurt Cobain’s tragic story, ‘Remington’ is the tale of a young man who takes his own life after everything he’s loved and lived for has fallen apart. A moving tribute, and an emotional ode to anyone who has ever crossed the line, or even come close, ‘Remington’ is a bold and unforgettable release that will linger on your mind for days, if not weeks, to come.

Easily their most accomplished release to date, ‘Remington’ is a dark and atmospheric rock release that layers lingering, solitary chords with haunting vocals, creating a timeless, heartbreaking melody. With rumours swirling that an album is on the way early next year, and a few more singles still to come in 2020, The Richmond Band have certainly made themselves a band to watch.

A stunning example of the what The Richmond Band are capable of, ‘Remington’ is streaming now alongside its emotive new music video, and don’t forget to follow the band on Spotify and their social media pages below to make sure you never miss a release.

You can also grab your own digital copy of ‘Remington’ today on iTunes by clicking here.

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