Woodes releases her second stellar album 'The Great Unknown'

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Today, one of Australia’s most captivating creative minds, singer-songwriter, Woodes releases her second album 'The Great Unknown' – displaying the breadth of, and dynamics within, her creativity and artistry.

Her new record brings together Woodes’ previous two EPs – the lush, spellbinding, hypnotic melodies of 'Kingdom Come' alongside the darker, cinematic, gritty sound found on 'Hibernation'. Together they showcase how expansive this project’s sound can be, finding the place where Elle Graham and her musical moniker Woodes meet. Whether she is bottling emotion, longing, and hope in authentic, dreamy anthems or standing tall behind vivid melodies and sharp, gritty production, Woodes – and in turn Elle – are completely in control of their musical destiny.

Tying both sides of this album together is its title track, the new single holding place as the moral compass that guides Woodes to find the balance between her lighter and darker sides. The new single was produced and co-written with Australian film composer Hylton Mowday and mixed and mastered by Grammy nominated songwriter/producer Rob Kleiner (Euphoria, Avatar: The Way Of Water).

Of the new album, and its title track, Woodes shares, “’The Great Unknown’ is ambitious and bold and begins my second record. This song is embarking into a new chapter – and I feel it beautifully fuses all the music I've been writing this year. While I was writing for ‘Kingdom Come’ and ‘Hibernation’, it was obvious I was writing for a dark and a light side. This duality fit as two halves on this record.

“I was writing 'The Great Unknown' in the thick of winter, feeling like everyone around me had the same shade of grey walking home. A theme that's been in this writing has been listening to an internal voice – like getting advice from an old friend. A moral compass, a childlike optimism, a unifying belief that things will get better somehow. I wrote about finding a way through.”

Alongside the release of The Great Unknown, Woodes has also unveiled the video for her single 'Hibernate'. The video has been selected to be screened as part of the CLIPPED Music Video Premieres pop up event taking place at The Pivotonian Cinema, Geelong on Sunday 10 December.

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