ZPEXTRE – ‘Save It For The Kids’

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It’s been a few months since we last heard from ZPEXTRE, and in that time we’ve been eagerly, if not patiently, awaiting something new from the singer, songwriter, and wonderfully eclectic multi-instrumentalist. After his previous single took over and had us all hypnotized, the bar was set incredibly high for his follow-up single, but thankfully, in true ZPEXTRE form, he’s delivered an absolute masterpiece.

Titled ‘Save It For The Kids’, the new single is a stellar continuation of ZPEXTRE’s experimental sound, one that was born from a dizzying array of influences like Phillip Glass, The Clash, and Genesis, to name just a few. An artist who revels in pushing boundaries and never shying away from the raw or avant-garde, the new single shines a light on a new side of ZPEXTRE, one that is steeped in early 2000’s indie-rock, but still wonderfully weird.

Teaming up with renowned Hollywood producer Kool Kojak, ZPEXTRE’s new single sees him broadening his psychedelic horizons, delving into a world of synth-driven grooves and post-punk dalliances that hit like a hurricane. Armed with shining indie-rock guitar notes that seamlessly flow into a reverb-swathed kaleidoscope of sound, everything about ‘Save It For the Kids’ is twisted, distorted, and artfully moulded into shape, arriving as a trippy, danceable soundscape that resonates with dark alt-indie movements.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the new single, ZPEXTRE explained, “The innocence of a child allows them to discover themselves both physically and mentally. It is paramount to the development of love, compassion and humanity. For, in the end, humanity made this world. We have to save this innocence; we have to leave this world better than we found it. Save It for the Kids!”

Introspective and disarmingly genuine, ‘Save It For The Kids’ effortlessly draws you into its web, conjuring up an unassailable wall of life-affirming wisdom and sweet, synth-laden rock that will have you dancing all the way to a revolution. You can stream the new single above, and don’t forget to follow ZPEXTRE on his social media pages below so you can keep up to date with all his upcoming releases.

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