Erin Bloomer and BIRDEE 王煒 Take a Stand with Empowering New Anthem ‘Limits’

Erin Bloomer, the half-Irish, half-English, breakout star is making waves in the music industry again with her latest stellar single, ‘Limits’. The new single is a vibrant collaboration with rising Australian star BIRDEE 王煒, blending dreamlike tunes with a unique cultural perspective that distinguishes it from the current pop scene.

Recorded with acclaimed producers Future Cut (known for their work with Caity Baser and Lily Allen), the single is about reclaiming one’s power and setting healthy boundaries. As Erin explained, “‘Limits’ is quite literally about reaching your limit, the end of your tether and finally setting up healthy boundaries for yourself. It’s inspired by the current dating climate for young people – it’s brutal out there!”

The track’s catchy and poppy appeal, combined with Erin’s unapologetic and honest lyrics, creates an empowering anthem for young people. It’s clear that ‘Limits’ is poised to become a breakout pop hit for both Erin and BIRDEE 王煒, echoing the sentiments of many who have faced similar struggles.

Erin’s infectious energy and candid approach make her a standout voice in the pop music landscape Her diarist writing style brings a fresh perspective to pop music, shining a light on under-represented indie artists. Erin’s relatable lyrics and high-level producer collaborations have set her apart in the industry.

She penned her first song at just 14 years old and quickly garnered a following on social media, amassing 150,000 followers across Instagram and TikTok. Her voice is a familiar sound on the UK's BBC Radio 1, where she is featured on their power intros, making her a daily presence on national radio.

Her breakout moment came with the viral TikTok clip ‘F U & F Her Too’, a raw and relatable account of betrayal. This track struck a chord with millions, propelling her into the spotlight and capturing the attention of the music media and industry insiders alike. Erin Bloomer is undoubtedly a name to watch.

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