An Interview with Lily Juniper

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UK indie-electronic singer-songwriter Lily Juniper shared her new single ‘Heaven’ on October 20th, creating a gorgeous sound that draws influences and inspirations from artists on the fringes of experimental electronic indie. Marrying warm organic vocals with textural electronic elements, the single has become a firm favourite here at Broken 8 Records, and today, Lily was kind enough to tell us a little more about it.

It's lovely to speak with you today, Lily. Can you tell us some more about your new single?

"‘Heaven’ is the first of four tracks from my upcoming EP, ‘Words’. It’s a song about limiting beliefs, the voices in your head that hold power over you and the thought that your personal idea of heaven is within reach, when you move out of your own way. I co-wrote it with my producer/partner yours.truly in our South London flat. It started with a warped sample of my voice that sounded like I was saying the word ‘heaven’ and from there the song unraveled into what it is."

How did you first start making music? Where did it all begin?

"As cliche as it sounds, I really have been making music for as long as I can remember. I come from a very musical family so it was always in my world, whether it was listening to artists that my parents loved or forcing them to listen to my acapella Kate Bush renditions. In my early teens I started writing songs on guitar or keyboard and it quickly became a daily practice for me. I began to take music more seriously when I started attending The BRIT School around age 14, where I started to properly explore and develop my ‘sound’."

How would you describe your sound?

"It’s always a challenge to describe yourself, but indie electronic feels the most true for me and what I’ve made so far. Most of my tracks are made up of organic vocals and textural electronic production in quite a traditional ‘singer/songwriter’ format. My songs are mostly inspired by emotions and feelings, so the lyrics and vocals being at the forefront is very important to me. I love the way that electronic production can create such a physical response so for me, it emphasises the stories I’m telling."

What influences most define your music?

"Musically, artists such as Bon Iver, Sylvan Esso and James Blake have been with me since my teenage years and are still the ones that I go back to and revisit time and time again. I also grew up listening to a lot of classic songwriters like Joni Mitchell and Kate Bush, so they are also in the mix when I’m writing music. A more personal influence is the ups and downs of day to day life and the emotional responses that come with that. I’m a big overthinker (often to a fault!), but for my songwriting it really fuels the creative process."

What’s next for you as an artist?

"I have three more tracks coming out over the next few months, from my upcoming EP ‘Words’, which will be out early 2024. After that I’m hoping for more writing, more collaborating, more growing and exploring some live performances too - even if that part is a 60%/40% of anxiety/excitement!"

What would your dream collaboration be?

"There are so many, but I know I’d die happy with a Justin Vernon (Bon Iver) collab in any form! Although I’d probably be overwhelmed by his enigmatic presence."

What is your songwriting process? How does it all come together?

"It really varies from song to song. Sometimes, it’ll be quite ‘traditional’, where I’ll sit down in front of a piano and write something from start to finish. Other times, yours.truly (producer) will create something that I’ll love and it will take some time to find the right words or ideas to fit with how the music sounds. It’s a different process for me each time which is something that I really love about it - it keeps me on my toes!"

What’s the most important thing for you when you’re writing a song?

"It doesn’t feel right to me unless I’m writing on paper. I love making little word/rhyme/idea maps and using them as I write. And snacks, obviously."

What has been your best moment as a musician so far?

"This latest chapter has truly been the most fun and exciting experience. I finally feel like the music I’m making sounds how I have always pictured it to and I think when you get the chance to share your authentic and honest self with people, it feels so fulfilling regardless of the response. 

And this interview of course!"

Drawing you in from the very first note with an ethereal sense of whimsy, Lily’s captivating vocals take centre stage as the track builds in pace. Combining vocal layering and captivating electronic beats, lyrically the track explores the idea of us all being able to reach or see our personal idea of ‘Heaven’, but having things that holds us back or blocks our path from getting there.

After graduating from The BRIT School, Lily carved out a path in the industry writing with artists such as Frederic Robinson, Bakar and PBR Streetgang. In 2022, she released her debut single ‘Shoulders’, gaining attention from independent playlists and blogs including Acid Stag and Mystic Sons. Her sophomore single ‘All Mine’ followed in 2023 receiving praise from labels and publications such as Analogue Trash, Novorama and A&R Factory.

‘Heaven’ is the first of a string of releases for the multi-faceted artist in the coming months, watch this space. 

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