An Interview with Shantelia Selina

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A gorgeous London-based R&B singer, songwriter and dancer, Shantelia Selina recently shared her sensual new single ‘All Night’, and it’s quickly become one of our favourite obsessions. Co-produced by Shantelia and ENZ, ‘All Night’ incorporates slick beats with Shantelia’s sultry vocal delivery, offering a message of empowerment and embracing your confident and sensual side.

While the single and the equally entrancing video continues to set fire to airwaves around the globe, Shantelia was kind enough to take the time and answer a few of our questions.

Lovely to meet you Shantelia, thanks for taking the time. Let’s go right back to the start, how did you first start making music?

“I come from a very musical background. In India, my uncles, grandads, and brothers would all sing and play instruments. So, when I was young, we would always have what they called a jam session and just vibe out to music. My brother would help me produce songs when we were younger too.”

“A film that really inspired me when I was younger was Selena which was played by Jennifer Lopez. I fell in love with singing even more as she had so much heart and an amazing story.”

Your new single has been described as ‘sultry’ and ‘sensual’ R&B, but how would you describe your sound to those not yet familiar?

“It's a blend of RnB/Trap and hip-hop, some of the new music has some afrobeats vibes too. I've tried to keep it close to my personal style with some commercial vibes to it. I want people to hear my lyrics and feel whatever they want or need to feel!”

Your new project is quickly becoming something of a sensation, can you tell us a little more about ‘All Night’ and its background?

“‘All Night’ was written about a guy I was into. I wanted it to be a sensual song that embraces thoughts that are perfectly natural. A song that all genders can vibe and relate to. To be confident in being yourself and freely expressing this side of yourself without judgement.”

What is your songwriting process for a song like that? Are there certain things that stand out to you when you’re piecing it all together?

“It depends, it changes all the time. I could be feeling sad or happy and I write all my thoughts down. If I randomly hear melodies or instruments, I think will sound together I compose a beat around that. How I feel spiritually, energetically and do I feel others will understand what I am trying to put across.”

What’s next for you as an artist?

“To finish off my EP as well as get signed to a label.”

A few final questions before you go, what would your dream collaboration be, and do you have any words for upcoming artists trying to make their mark?

“Ahhh! Definitely Chris Brown or Coi Leray.  Love my Taurus babies and their music always feels relatable to me.”

“Don’t let anyone's opinions knock you down, try new things, experiment with your music. Just have fun even if it gets hard enjoy that part too, it’ll pay off!”

Born and raised in Peckham, Southeast London, Shantelia grew up surrounded by music. Her family would sing and play instruments together and at age 15, she started making music with her older brother who had his own music studio. In 2019, Shantelia started her own dance company SS-Studio and has made a name for herself within the fashion and entertainment industry.

With a deep love for songwriting and poetry, Shantelia started writing her upcoming full EP in 2019 after a difficult breakup as a form of expression and to help her get through her emotions. 

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