ANNAKYE tease their return with 'Ocean'

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Since their formation in 2022, ANNAKYE have been carving up the pop-punk scene with a string of impressive singles, rallying crowds and delivering electrifying live performances. Now, the band are gearing up to deliver their most daring and emotionally-charged single to date, with 'Ocean' detailing the constant struggles with mental health, medication, and moving forward.

After capturing the world's attention with the release of debut single 'Find The One', and reinventing a classic with their cover of Frank Sinatra's 'New York, New York', ANNAKYE have been on a hot creative streak. Having teamed up with legendary audio engineer Brent Kolatalo (who has worked with Taylor Swift, Janet Jackson, Jay Z, and more) on their second original cut '2pop', the band reached a new milestone in their blossoming career, cementing their sound as an energetic and wonderfully unique blend of pop-punk, R&B, classic rock, and more.

On 'Ocean', the six piece band of Cameron, Luka, Joel, Ben, Rich, and Carlos elevate their sound even more, delivering an impressive and unforgettable slice of modern pop-punk. Speaking about the single, the band shared, "'Ocean' is about dealing with mental health issues in relationships, the struggles, the medications that changes the person , the highs and lows like you're on a roller coaster of different emotions with someone and supporting through it all. Getting judged and no matter how bad it gets you’re still there with them. To letting go and not caring anymore."

Fresh from their triumphant 'Too Far South' tour, ANNAKYE is ready to capture the hearts of the national and revitalize the pop-punk world, and 'Ocean' might just be the track to do it. With their impressive track record and a future brimming with promise, ANNAKYE is a band you don't want to miss. 

'Ocean' will be officially released on the 13th of October this year, with the music video set to follow one week later.

ANNAKYE's electrifying live performances are a testament to their high-octane energy, featuring crowd favorites like 'Reese Witherspoon' and, of course, 'Too Far South'. To date, the band have garnered attention from various radio stations and publications, with 'Too Far South' topping the unsigned pop punk charts in the USA, making waves on American college radio, and earning glowing reviews from publications like York Calling UK and Illustrated magazine in the USA.

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