Brooklyn's Rat Palace share a double dose of psychedelic gems with 'Triple Tarp' and 'Toy Soldier'

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Brooklyn's own Rat Palace have dropped a sonic kaleidoscope with their latest double single of 'Triple Tarp' and 'Toy Soldier'. The tracks offer a mesmerizing preview of their highly-anticipated debut LP, 'Dust-Free Home', slated for release this April.

From the first note, 'Triple Tarp' hypnotizes with its tapestry of electric guitars, weaving sonic layers flow endlessly to create an immersive sound that perfectly envelopes the listener. The track's experimental edge comes from bursts of staccato guitar riffs, flashes of distortion, and darkly atmospheric layers. A steady beat drives the song forward, carried by breezy ride cymbals and a hand shaker. These percussive elements enhance the meditative aura and add a touch of hypnotic energy. As 'Triple Tarp' reaches it's height, soaring guitar tones create a rush of release, a thrilling contrast to the otherwise tranquil atmosphere.

Speaking about the first cut, the band shared, “'Triple Tarp' started out as a simple triplet guitar riff and ended up becoming a psychedelic rock-inspired track with echoes of post-punk. The lyrics are about pride and “looking for a fight”, while the instrumentals force you to look inward... It’s provoking yet comforting, making it our favourite song from our upcoming LP 'Dust-Free Home'.”

The Rat Palace experience doesn't stop with 'Triple Tarp' however, with the band also delivering another gem in 'Toy Soldier'. While less introspective than its counterpart, 'Toy Soldier' delivers equal measures of energy and sonic intrigue, illustrating the band's willingness to explore this dualistic soundscape makes them even more compelling.

Speaking about 'Toy Soldier', the band added, "The track opens with fragmented vocals, guitar feedback, and a driving bass line which weaves its way through the song. When the drums enter, 'Toy Soldier' takes its shape as a pulsating punk song, punctuated with Rohit’s subdued vocals which contrast the noisy heaviness of the instrumentals. Melodic guitar licks add a playfulness to the track, and Ali’s vamped vocal line, “you died for nothing,” closes the track on an anthemic and poignant note.”

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