Burning Satan - ‘Number 17’

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A Canadian singer and songwriter currently based in New Zealand, Burning Satan is an artist looking to spread his truth through music. An artist whose story could rival the classics, Burning Satan has been writing music for decades, producing over one hundred songs that are jammed packed with impactful lyrics and hard-earned lessons. Recently, he has been compiling songs into albums and listing them publicly on his website, starting with the rustic ‘Truth N Love’, and now, the open armed songs of ‘Number 17’.

While his debut album was a brisk introduction to Burning Satan’s nostalgic rock sounds and enlightening truths, his sophomore record begins a new chapter, one that touches on personal freedoms, owning and accepting yourself, and the relationships we make and hold dear throughout our lives. More impactful than ever, the new album builds off its predecessor in style, opening with tender acoustic tones and a rueful “hey there Papa, I remember when” in ‘Don’t Come Home’. It’s a marked change in tone, but just as effective, with Burning Satan showcasing a more vulnerable side to his classic rock style. Elsewhere on the album, ‘Northern Ontario’ forms into a profound anthem, with Burning Satan delivering chilling lines like ‘No one’s coming around to save you, or make the same mistake they do. Brainwashed is what they got, as they drove the good folks off.”

While there is plenty of darkness beneath the rustic rock sounds of ‘Number 17’, Burning Satan does his best to balance the compositions, pushing more empowered sounds and celebrating self-discovery, resilience, and freedom in ‘Owned By Me’ and ‘Fix’. There are more impactful sentiments at play throughout, dashed alongside heavy rock anthemics in ‘Freedom Come’ and the jaunty melodics of ‘On My Way To Heaven’. It’s hard to pick a standout track from the album, with each standing firm on its own merits, but close contenders have to be the cosmic-tinged ‘Lift’ and tempered pop aesthetics in ‘If Everything Was Easy’. 

Musically, ‘Number 17’ sees Burning Satan on as fine a form as ever, delivering a familiar, timeless sound that washes over you in gentle, textured waves. The emotion behind the album is more diverse and pronounced throughout, capturing a multi-faceted sound that is accessible and enjoyable, while also deeply human.

Recently, Burning Satan has been working hard on his own website, creating a space where his music can be found, purchased, and appreciated. You can find the website below, along with his current social media pages, where Burning Satan posts new releases and hard-earned lessons from his life.

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