Cultt of She share a message of endurance and power with ‘Life on Hard Mode’

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New Jersey’s Cultt of She have just dropped some stunning new visuals for ‘Life on Hard More’, their titanic single that perfectly blends melodic hard rock with the grit of life's challenges. The visuals, which reflect the electrifying nature of the band’s live shows, perfectly exemplify the band’s relentless work ethic and style.

Fronted by vocalist Jess Bariletti, whose voice carves through the instrumentals with precision, Cultt of She is a titanic blend of catchy hooks, relentless riffs, and anthemic choruses, delivering an anthem for those of us who are struggling through life’s challenges and fighting to make a change. Armed with a raw perspective that easily resonates with their audience, 'Life on Hard Mode’ is a perfect illustration of the band’s style and ethos. Through both its music and message, the new single reminds us that we’re not alone and can face the hardest battles of life.

With the new single, Cultt Of She continues to carve an impressive path through the modern rock scene, balancing their impressive sound with an important message and plenty of heart. You can stream the new video below via YouTube.

Cultt of She’s high-energy live shows have become the stuff of legend, while their music is a testament to their relentless work ethic and unwavering commitment to their craft and fans. The new single sees the band continuing to impress, delivering a fierce new single that will put them on everyone’s musical radar.

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