Hip-hop icon Killer Mike releases the video for Atlanta anthem 'Exit 9 (Feat. Blxst)'

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Hot on the heels of his historic Grammy Award sweep, Killer Mike has wasted no time in announcing his headlining Down By Law - Summer 2024 Tour. The North American trek marks the rapper's anticipated return to the road, backed by the dynamic vocal ensemble, The Midnight Revival.

Adding to the excitement, Killer Mike delivered an energetic and celebratory video for 'Exit 9 (feat. Blxst)', a standout track from his Grammy-winning album 'MICHAEL'. The video is a vibrant Atlanta love letter featuring Killer Mike and Blxst alongside the city's mayor and hitting iconic spots like Cascade roller rink and Blue Flame.

A fitting finale to the video is the emotional audio from Mike's Grammy acceptance speech, underscoring his inspiring message, "You cannot tell me that you get too old, you can't tell me it's too late, you can't tell me that dreams don't come true!"

The 'Exit 9' video enjoyed a high-profile premiere across the BET/MTV networks and even graced the famed Paramount Times Square billboard. This tour follows Mike's 'High & Holy' run last summer and his recent Grammy dominance, winning Best Rap Album, Best Rap Song, and Best Rap Performance.

With the gospel-tinged sounds of his latest work and the dynamic backing of The Midnight Revival, fans expect a cathartic, service-like experience from the live shows. This unique style even grabbed the attention of The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, where Killer Mike and The Midnight Revival recently delivered a moving performance of 'Exit 9'.

Killer Mike is a relentless force, fueled by both critical acclaim and his unyielding belief in the power of chasing your dreams. The 'Down By Law' tour promises to be a testament to that.

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