Joyous innovation meets unbridled creativity with new project Lonely Prince

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An enigmatic project that was first born when the founding members unexpectedly crossed-paths deep in the underground scene, Lonely Prince is arguably one of the most ensnaring and under-appreciated groups of the year. Seeing raw passion and gifted talents combine in a wave of free expression and unbridled innovation, the group have recently shared two singles on their YouTube channel, backing their immersive future-soul and raw grime sounds with poignant videos.

Determined to forget their own unique and genre-defying path through music, Lonely Prince embarked on their journey of artistic exploration this year, cutting together debut single ‘Smash’, and then recently following it up with ‘Come Away’. Drawing inspiration from their shared love of sci-fi, comedy, fantasy, and horror, they craft songs that push boundaries and never settle, constantly exploring new uncharted territories.

Inspired by an eclectic mix of sounds and styles, including hip-hop, drum and bass, soul, jazz, funk, and rock, the band have created a unique style that is timeless, drifting between familiar, often nostalgic tones, and more wild, futuristic passages that will catch you off-guard time and time again. Their debut single ‘Smash’ is a perfect encapsulation of their style and ethos, delivering a quick, but infinitely enjoyable track that stitches together tempered drill beats, smooth, melodic passages, and vocals that hark back to the golden age of UK grime.

Their sophomore single ‘Come Away’ is a powerful example of how the band are continuing to shape and explore their sound, focusing on more chilled vibes and subtle free-flowing jazz energy to steer the track. There are layers of abstract vocals and more expressive afrobeat tones, kicking up the dust and enhancing the raw energy of the track, making it effortlessly original, while also not isolating more casual, mainstream listeners.

You can stream both singles below via YouTube, while the band has also shared snippet of ten other songs as reels on their official Instagram page.

Definitely a band to watch in the new year, Lonely Prince have the ability to become massive, national talents, and if they can keep building their sound and audience, we have no doubt they’ll make it. Check out the band’s first two singles above and be sure to lend your support on YouTube and Instagram.

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