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We will be away from the 13th of May until the 6th of June. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Luke Hemmings' 'boy' Is A Heartfelt Journey Through Longing, Love, and Loss

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Luke Hemmings, frontman of the pop-rock sensation 5 Seconds of Summer, delves into the depths of his heart with his latest EP, 'boy'. It's a raw and intimate collection of songs that paint a vivid picture of longing for simpler times, the transformative power of love, and the complexities of grief.

Hemmings' songwriting has always been deeply personal, and 'boy' is no exception. He describes the songs as "a snapshot of my inner workings and the way I see the world... an overly dramatic, cathartic, poetic stream of my consciousness." Collaborating once more with producer Sammy Witte, the pair infuse 'boy' with a synth-driven soundscape that amplifies the emotional intensity of Hemmings' lyrics.

Songs like 'I'm Still Your Boy' offer a nostalgic glance at childhood, a yearning for the days before the pressures of fame. Hemmings' delicate vocals, backed by a simple acoustic guitar, swell with vulnerability as he reflects on the struggles of his teenage years. The airy spaciousness of lead single 'Shakes' perfectly showcases Hemmings' wispy, evocative vocal style, carrying the listener through a heartfelt ode to love.

Distance from loved ones weighs heavily on 'Benny', dedicated to Hemmings' brother. The fear of something terrible happening while living oceans away resonates in the lyrics: "Will I be saying goodbye from a dark hotel room/ Living on the sidelines/ What am I supposed to do?" The upbeat 'Close My Eyes' masks a deeper theme of facing regrets and the fear of missing out on life's precious moments: "Now I don't want to close my eyes / See everything I’ve ever done / I never got to say goodbye / I won’t look back until it’s gone". Meanwhile, 'Garden Life' celebrates the profound beauty found in life's simple pleasures.

Grief takes center stage in 'Close Enough To Feel You', a poignant exploration of how even a discarded sweater can trigger an emotional breakdown when holding onto the memory of a loved one. "This song is about the willingness and desire to live in that pain in order to feel close to who or what you lost, rather than moving on," Hemmings explains.

The EP closes with 'Promises', where Hemmings describes the transformative power of love—turning a pessimistic outlook into a world filled with color. Featuring the beautiful vocals of his wife, Sierra Deaton, the track is a testament to their musical synergy.

In his own words, 'boy' is "jumbled lines of my diary, bits and pieces of my chaotic mind, and fogged-up windows into my life." With this deeply personal and introspective EP, Luke Hemmings continues to solidify his position as a gifted storyteller, offering a heartfelt glimpse into the complexities of the human experience.

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