Peak Flow – ‘Running To You’

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A talented new band who are bringing post-punk and goth-rock back to the mainstream, Peak Flow have arrived on top form with their scintillating debut single, ‘Running To You’. Released earlier this year, the single artfully combines the band’s penchant for glowing synth-based melodies with a vigour and bravado that is fitting for their debut release.

Hailing from Doncaster in the UK, Peak Flow are an impressive musical duo drawing influences from a stream of classic ‘80s synth and post-punk bands like The Cure, Jesus and Mary Chain, Joy Division, and Echo and the Bunnymen. Built on the talents of band members James and Jools, they’ve been drawing steady attention for a while now, setting the stage perfectly for the release ‘Running To You’.

A vibrant mix of bright synths and a driven combination of drum and bass guitar, ‘Running To You’ sees the duo breathing new life into the genre, capturing a familiar sound, and twisting it into their own hybrid sound. Armed with a quickfire tempo that contrasts with more poignant and expressive choruses, the song is a spiked, electronically-charged anthem that comes complete with haunting atmospherics, emotive lyrics, and calling vocals that will draw you in and hold you fast.

Speaking about the single, the band explained its inspiration, adding, “The song tells a story of a broken relationship. One half recalling the happy times and wanting to rekindle the relationship, with the other half realising that the damage is done and there can be no turning back.”

A band that have already received praise from online publications like Turn Up The Volume, Peak Flow have delivered on their hype, delivering a solid debut that is bold and original, but also lends a careful glance back to some 80s indie icons. It’s a debut that will have everyone waiting to see what comes next, setting the standard, and exciting both fans and critics alike.

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