Ryan O'Connell Drops New Single 'Transmission', Capturing the Essence of Slacker Rock

Atlanta-based indie musician Ryan O'Connell has shared his latest single, 'Transmission'. This new track, steeped in the spirit of slacker rock and inspired by legendary artists like Neil Young and Tom Petty, offers a laid-back yet insightful exploration of everyday life.

Recorded in Atlanta and mastered by Glow Studios in Athens, GA, 'Transmission' is a testament to O'Connell's ability to capture the nuances of everyday experiences and transform them into relatable, engaging music. The track is characterised by its mellow rhythms and thoughtful lyrics, making it a perfect soundtrack for introspective moments.

“At its heart, 'Transmission' is about finding your way,” says O'Connell. “I tried to infuse it with a laid-back sensibility. The lyrics are introspective but don't take themselves too seriously. It's about navigating life's uncertainties with ease and openness.”

O'Connell's ability to blend the laid-back vibes of slacker rock with profound lyrical content makes "Transmission" a standout track. His dedication to creating music that resonates on a personal level is evident in every note and word of this single.

Known for his versatility, O'Connell plays all the instruments on his tracks, including guitar, bass, drums, keys, and vocals. His eclectic musical style reflects the influences of Frank Black, Kurt Vile, and Pavement, blending the relaxed vibe of 90s slackers with the timeless essence of classic rock. This unique fusion is evident in 'Transmission', which showcases O'Connell's talent for crafting introspective lyrics paired with a relaxed musical sensibility.

'Transmission' is now available on all major streaming platforms, offering listeners a chance to experience O'Connell's unique musical vision.

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