St. Laviathan – ‘Starlight in Harlem’

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It was only yesterday we last heard from St. Laviathan, Florida’s fastest rising rapper, and yet here we are again with another bold new cut. Easily one of the most prolific independent rappers of the year so far, St. Laviathan has been pumping out a steady stream of hits ever since we said goodbye to 2020, but on his new single he’s not alone, bringing with him East Coast rapper Rush to create something truly special.

Titled ‘Starlight in Harlem’, the new single continues St. Laviathan’s quest to present himself in music, carving away the clichés and macho bullshit and getting right down to the heart and soul of the artist. While previous singles like ‘Venus’ and ‘Laviamata’ have focused on his struggles, hard times, and failed relationships, ‘Starlight in Harlem’ is about the chances not taken and the things that might have been, conjuring up a sense of regret that we can all relate too. Dedicated to singer, songwriter and actress Carmilia Harris, who St. Laviathan met three years ago, the new single is an expression of everything he wanted to say but didn’t have the courage to at the time.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that St. Laviathan must be running out of tricks by now, but on ‘Starlight in Harlem’ he’s found a way to keep it fresh, cutting and blending his scintillating sounds with a new sense of honesty. Musically, the single is another strong showing of kaleidoscopic tastes, combining quick-stepping beats that volley in the background with a subtle, emotive harmony that ebbs and flows behind the scenes, bringing new depth to the track and rewarding attentive listeners. Upfront, there’s plenty to enjoy, and St. Laviathan’s talents for creating hard, but melodic beats is on perfect show.

Lyrically, that’s where everything really comes together. St. Laviathan opens his heart and delivers a near-perfect flow of honest, evocative, and wonderfully reflective verse, while his brother Rush brings into the fold that relaxed, yet rugged East Coast style, hitting his mark and perfectly balancing the track.

Over the past few releases, St. Laviathan has been working hard to show that he’s more than just your typical rapper, and the release of ‘Starlight in Harlem’ is another strong illustration of that fact.

With tracks like ‘Starlight in Harlem’, there are hundreds of ways you could sing its praises, but the only true way to experience the track is to dive right in. Check it out above via Soundcloud, and be sure to follow St. Laviathan on his social media pages below so you don’t miss the release of his highly anticipated upcoming EP.

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