Subterranean Street Society share their post-Covid urge to return to the stage in new album ‘BLEEP’

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Subterranean Street Society, the Danish-Dutch alternative rock band, is back with a super, sonic punch in their latest album 'BLEEP'. An electrifying new release that encapsulates the band's urge to return to the stage, the record is a musical shift for the band, leaving behind their melancholic style in favor of unapologetic protest songs fueled by raw energy and a folk-grunge foundation.

Crafted in a whirlwind one-year burst of creativity, 'BLEEP' emphasizes the band's collaborative spirit perfectly. The title track, born in the studio and captured live on an 8-track tape recorder, epitomizes this newfound intensity, delivering a defiant exploration of free expression, questioning who gets to set the limits. On songs like 'God Couldn't Save The Queen', singer Louis wonders about the enduring reverence for royalty, while 'Focus On The Melody' rails against dwindling modern attention spans with a garage-rock edge.

Those familiar with Subterranean Street Society will recognize influences from The Black Keys, The Dandy Warhols, and Nirvana, with a hint of Big Thief woven in to create an unstoppable record. From the grimy, gritty riffs and swampy grooves to the infectious, frenetic vocals, 'BLEEP' is a rampaging release that will surely leave you impressed.

Speaking about the record, Louis shared, “The title track from Subterranean Street Society’s upcoming album “BLEEP” is a song about modern-day censorship in a digital age, where the big tech canons have taken total control of our public discourse. It retells a story about “Rocking In The Free World” by Neil Young, who removed his music from Spotify because he disagreed with Spotify podcaster Joe Rogan’s views on the COVID-19 vaccines. In this tragic-comic story, we are left to wonder where the line of free speech is drawn, who the gatekeepers of truth truly are, and if self-censorship will become the new cancel culture.”

Subterranean Street Society boasts a seasoned musical resume, having toured extensively throughout Europe and beyond. Their global perspective infuses their sound, blending indie, folk, grunge, and rock for a uniquely compelling result. 'BLEEP' marks a bold new chapter for this dynamic group.

A titanic up-tempo folk-grunge album, the record sees the band infusing their sound with global perspectives to create a driving blend of indie, folk, grunge, and rock. Marking a bold new chapter for this dynamic group, Subterranean Street Society will embark on a Netherlands tour in March, followed by a UK tour in May, promising a live experience that mirrors the album's thrilling intensity.

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