Sydney's Alt-pop star GRAACE returns with her first release in two years 'Jealous Type'

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Sydney’s heralded singer and songwriter GRAACE returns with brand new single ‘Jealous Type’. Her first release in two years, it’s a pop-perfect return to the limelight for one of Australia’s brightest talents.

Having been through grief, heartbreak and healing whilst “listening to a lot of fucking incredible women”, GRAACE has stepped back into the studio inspired and ready to create. Ignited by a wave of new inspiration, GRAACE is drawing strength from her role models as she emerges from the studio with a raw, honest project set for release later this year.

New single 'Jealous Type' leads this charge, delving into the insecurities that fuel comparison and jealousy. “I learned in my early twenties that I wasn’t loving all the versions of myself yet” says GRAACE. “I can be a bitch and also be kind. I can be creative and also be lazy. I can be, and do, all of these things. As women, we're so diverse and I was so sick of being pigeonholed.

“It feels so much more powerful and in tune with myself than a lot of stuff that I've released before” GRAACE confesses. “I've shielded away from talking about a lot of things in the past, but this time around I wanted to be very candid. I’m accepting that I’m not always the chill partner in a relationship, that sometimes I can become jealous, and that it’s ok to honour those two sides of myself.”

This bold authenticity has always resonated with fans. From her 2017 breakout 'Numb' to critically acclaimed EPs, GRAACE's music connects deeply with over 150 million streams to her name.

This is the beginning of a new, exciting chapter for GRAACE who is about to catapult herself back on to the scene. Fresh from sold out headline dates at the weekend where she aired brand new material, GRAACE will take to the road again in Australia next month supporting Stephen Sanchez. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for more new music over the coming months.

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