Aotearoa's JessB Drops Her Stunning Debut Album ‘Feels Like Home’

JessB's highly anticipated debut album, 'Feels Like Home,' is more than just a collection of catchy tunes; it's a journey through self-discovery, cultural identity, and the true meaning of home. The 12-track album showcases JessB's versatility as an artist, blending elements of rap, R&B, and hip-hop with infectious melodies and insightful lyricism.

As JessB explains, "'Feels Like Home' can mean so many different things." The album delves into both the physical and emotional concept of home, reflecting on her past, present, and future. It's a testament to her growth as an artist and as a person, with each track offering a glimpse into her evolving identity.

Standout tracks like 'Power', featuring Sister Nancy and Sampa The Great, exude confidence and pride, while 'Come Find Me' showcases a more dance-oriented sound. Collaborations with artists like Kranium and Gold Fang add further depth and dimension to the album.

JessB's impressive production team, including Brandon Jonak, IAMMXO, and MOW Music, ensures a rich and varied soundscape that complements her unique style. The album's cohesion is a testament to JessB's artistic vision, with each song flowing seamlessly into the next.

'Feels Like Home' is not only a celebration of JessB's musical talent but also a reflection of her personal journey. It's an album that resonates on multiple levels, inviting listeners to find their own sense of belonging and self-acceptance. As JessB herself puts it, "It has been a process of finding a home in how I see myself and how I choose to show up in the world."

With her captivating vocals, infectious beats, and thought-provoking lyrics, JessB has solidified her position as one of Aotearoa's most exciting musical talents. 'Feels Like Home' is a triumph, marking a significant milestone in her career and leaving us eagerly anticipating what she has in store next.

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