51st Avenue - ‘Mind Your Own’

Taking aim at those who doubted her return to songwriting and performing post-pregnancy, 51st Avenue’s Alynnis Zizza is empowered, fierce, and forthright in their new single ‘Mind Your Own’.

Pulling sonic inspirations from artists such as Bring Me The Horizon, alongside the score of hit series Stranger Things, the Sydney trio are continuing to expand on their proclaimed ‘hyper-modern pop rock’ sound with ‘Mind Your Own’. Thick guitars and syncopated drums back Alynnis Zizza’s impassioned, soaring vocals throughout, with the track culminating in a colossal bridge with guitar leads atop a half-time final chorus.

Using technology to their advantage, 51st Avenue constructed the initial beat and synths for ‘Mind Your Own’ using a phone app. After scoping out the fledgling pieces of the track here, the rest of the song came together quickly, with the band combining with a sole direction for the track. Recording out of Keywork Audio in Sydney with Mark Williamson (Inertia, After Touch, Broken Earth), the band then sent the track across to legendary producer Kris Crummett (Dance Gavin Dance, Sleeping With Sirens, Real Friends) for the finishing touches and mastering.

Speaking about the new single, the band explained, “We knew straight away what we were going for musically when we wrote this track. We wanted to blend the styles of Bring Me The Horizon with the eerie vibes of the Stranger Things score. The lyrics came quickly as our vocalist, Alynnis, was very early in her pregnancy so it was at the forefront of her mind giving the track the lyrical message it has.”

“It started as a beat and some synths made on a phone app. The rest of the track came together pretty quickly, we wanted a specific vibe for the track so we knew what direction we wanted to head in. We’re really happy how it turned out!”

‘Mind Your Own’ is also accompanied by a music video that matches the energy and sentiment that 51st Avenue brings to the track. Filmed in a basement location, the band played with their use of lights, props, and space to bring their dynamism to the video. With Oliver Clark from Dunelabs (A Swift Farewell, Heavensgate) at the helm of the shoot, the band felt confident to be truly themselves in front of the camera, with Alynnis also celebrating her pregnancy in the shoot.

The band continued, “Working with Oliver Clark of Dunelabs is always a pleasure and a breeze! We had one location and utilized the space and lights and even random furniture to really set the mood. With less of a solid plan, we find we’re able to play around with a lot more. We even shot some impromptu takes of the music video in the car park of the location!”

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