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Asbjørn – ‘Remember My Name’

  • 2 min read

A new age pop icon and mainstream maverick, Asbjørn has been a poster boy for the unconventional ever since his debut album ‘Sunken Ships’ arrived back in 2012. Armed with self-exposing lyrics that linger towards radio-length sex education wrapped in adventurous yet highly infectious pop production, Asbjørn has gained praise from artists like his personal heroine Lykke Li, and with releases like ‘Remember My Name’, he’s set to become one of the biggest artists that Denmark has to offer.

The third single the Danish singer has released from his forthcoming highly anticipated studio album ‘BOYOLOGY’, ‘Remember My Name’ is a reflective and wonderfully poised release that sees Asbjørn reflecting on his past experiences in the music industry. Built on a captivating blend of strong, yet mellow lyrics and his signature energetic sound, ‘Remember My Name’ is empowering, disarming, and utterly irresistible.

Speaking openly about the new release, Asbjørn said, “The lyrics have a double meaning to me; “you’re gonna remember my name, the boy that got away” could be sung to an old lover, yes. But it could also be directed towards the people who don’t believe in you.”

Fittingly, the video feels like a supercut of a feature film, with the audience arriving as flies-on-the-wall as we fast-forward through Asbjørn and fellow-Dane Christoffer H. Rønje’s symbiosis. “Filming these videos has been like years of therapy”, the singer says about the autobiographical series. “I have zero acting experience, so I had to relive both the ecstasy and pain of my own love story to make it believable.”

‘The Boyology Series’ is made in collaboration with documentary filmmaker Kathrine Skibsted and will include a third and final video before Asbjørn’s album ‘BOYOLOGY’ is released in the fall.

Along with his new music, Asbjørn has also just announced his collaboration with the second-hand fashion brand VinoKilo and released the playlist ‘A VINOKILO PRIDE curated by Asbjørn’.

VinoKilo is a sustainable eco-friendly alternative to fast fashion. The company is based in Mainz, Germany, and gives new life to discarded and pre-loved clothing. Asbjørn commented, "VinoKilo and I both want to create something sustainable, something that frees us from normative expectations and stereotypes. We want to show that there are infinite ways to be a man, a woman - or just be human."

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