Banoffee – ‘Idiot’

It’s been just over a year since we first discovered Banoffee’s debut album, ‘Look At Us Now Dad’. A relatively unknown release, to us at least, the record caught our eye among the stacked shelves of our local record store, and since then it has been a near-constant soundtrack to the highs and many lows of the past year. A vibrant and deceptively devastating record, it set Banoffee apart from the mainstream pop world, offering up glossy alt-pop gems that hit hard with an undercurrent of catharsis and trauma. Today, we’re incredibly excited to help shine a spotlight on Banoffee’s long awaited new single, ‘Idiot’, which was premiered recently on Paper Magazine.

Taken from her upcoming sophomore album, ‘Tear Tracks’, which is slated for release in October, ‘Idiot’ is another complex rollercoaster of sound and emotion, delivering washed-out guitars, heavenly, distorted vocals, and a lavish, almost self-indulgent style. Described as being "for people who just want to stay indoors and aren't really willing to try and be picked up yet," ‘Tear Tracks’ promises to dive even deeper into the highs and lows of heartbreak without pulling any punches in the process.

"I want people to cry in the car listening to this, driving at night, in the shower," Banoffee says. "I want someone to think 'I want to feel sad, I'm gonna put on Tear Tracks.'"

The new single also arrives alongside a stunning music video, which was directed by Phebe Schmidt, and features Banoffee rolling around on a heart-shaped bed and generally terrorizing men. "Making this video was such a joy," Banoffee explained, "Living out a dream I had about trolling tradies was such a fun experience and of course a moment on a love heart bed was crucial."

Available now on all major platforms, ‘Idiot’ will be followed by the full album release on October 8th, with ‘Tear Tracks’ set to be Banoffee’s first album to be released completely independently

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