bella amor - 'all my friends are high'

A brilliant artist signed with Sony, Gold Coast based singer-songwriter, bella amor has shared her raucous new single, ‘all my friends are high’.

‘all my friends are high’ looks into bella’s softer and introspective side, stepping into indie-pop realms and showcasing her immensely powerful yet gentle vocals. Once again highlighting bella’s passion for skateboarding and featuring her friends, the accompanying visuals expertly capture the many facets of bella’s personality, showcasing her quirkiness and infectious warmth simultaneously.

bella on the single explained, “I wrote 'all my friends are high' the first time that I worked with one of my now faves, Kon Kersting. It was so much fun to write and came so quickly to both of us. At the time I was too anxious to drink, so I wanted to write a song about being sober while everyone else is absolutely munted around you. It really made me notice how people change when they're intoxicated, and made me realise how isolating it can leave you feeling if you're not on something too.”

At just 20 years old, bella exudes an old-soul, worldly perspective that adds a depth beyond her years to her songs of love, life, and the complexities of navigating it all as a young person. These are themes many can relate to, but what really shines through bella’s music is her innate ability as a storyteller, making each personal tale of her equal parts intimate, yet widely relatable.

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