Bluesanova – ‘Call My Number (Feat. Meme Machine)’

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A talented music producer from the bustling streets and unique creative spaces of Mumbai, India, Bluesanova has made his mark by blending modern electronica with timeless hip-hop. A mainstay of India’s blossoming independent hip-hop scene, Bluesanova has proven his artistic talents time and time again, and now, armed with a deft collaboration with Meme Machine, he’s about to take on the world stage.

Cut from the same musical cloth that gave us legendary acts like The Prodigy, Joe Satriani, Depeche Mode, and Iron Maidan, Bluesanova builds his songs from a heady mix of genres, morphing shapes and sounds while sticking to his dynamic rock, Hip Hop, and synth-pop origins. The result is an infectious blend of solid guitar riffs and compelling melodies that shine with an unmatched sense of background ambiance.

In his latest release, the hybrid alt-rap release of ‘Call My Number’, Bluesanova has teamed up with everyone’s favourite masked maniac, Meme Machine. An absolute banger that shines with a universal RnB sound and boundless hip-hop appeal, the new single has just been released across South East Asia and the world, cutting a unique path through Spotify, YouTube, and all major platforms. Packed with hard-hitting lyrics and a dynamic rap flow that is backed by some sharp digital flourishes and hints of Bluesanova’s progressive background, ‘Call My Number’ is an essential new release.

A strong successor to previous single ‘Woh Roke Hum Ruke Na’, the new collaboration with Meme Machine perfectly displays Bluesanova’s talent as a remarkable producer. Stream it above via YouTube and be sure to tune in to our Spotify playlists where the single will be streaming around the clock.

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