Boysnlove - 'Honeymoon Diver'

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Mixing angst-pop melodies with vibrant low-fi instrumentals, BoysnLove have made a mark for themselves across Sydney and Wollongong. Performing alongside the likes of Middle Kids, Tia Gostelow, Tyne-James Organ, and more over the past twelve months, the quartet have emerged as Australian front-runners for emotional and wonderfully raw indie-pop, and their new single ‘Honeymoon Diver’ is easily one of their best to date.

Combining the delicate and fraught vocals of singer-songwriter Annie-Rose Collis, the track works perfectly to draw in listeners and tug at their heartstrings, combining a driving rhythm section with a stark sense of urgency. With the new single, BoysnLove shed light Annie-Rose’s own personal heartbreak, examining loss and longing from an alternative perspective. Inspired by the true story of Tina Watson, a woman drowned to death by her husband on their honeymoon, the song is deeply harrowing, capturing echoes of the betrayal and deception involved, and inspiring her lyrically throughout the song.

Acclaimed Sydney singer-songwriter-collaborator Blain Cuneen (Julia Jacklin, Dominic Breen) worked with BoysnLove in their home studio, shaping the song from the initial musings of Annie’s grief-stricken mind to the final heard today, with Andrew Edgson (Matt Corby, Vance Joy, DMA’s) mastering the track.

Annie-Rose explained, “This song was created after hearing the true story of the death of Tina Watson. A woman on her honeymoon and ‘allegedly’ drowned by her new husband. The most harrowing part was imagining that moment underwater when it dawned on her, not that she was drowning, but that her husband didn’t love her. It made me think about all those times when I've trusted someone and then they reveal who they really are, and how it’s hard not to blame yourself for not seeing them clearly. It was inspired by a true story, but I very much drew from my own experiences of betrayal.”

She continued, “With Boysnlove, songs always start from Annie’s heartbreak, that’s sort of the reason Annie writes, to get her feelings out. And so, when they are brought to the band, they are usually a mess. Eddie, the bassist tends to focus on a structure, Holly the drummer will really create the tone/vibe of the song, and Georgia makes everything sound better.”

Taking part inspiration from the song’s story, BoysnLove worked with director Molly Haddon (Sydney Film Festival) to “flip the script” and have Annie play out a murder mystery of her own. With inspiration from the original story Annie-Rose Collis dressers in wedding whites, with her new beau shacked up in a hotel room, on their own honeymoon. He disappears before Collis is seen changing sheets, scrubbing the bathroom and removing any trace of his blood. 

‘Honeymoon Diver’ sets the tone for BoysnLove first release of 2022. An intricate and emotive track that carries a delicate topic through a winding path of fear, hindsight and loss. With a nostalgic and warm aura, they will no doubt strike the ears of audiences across Sydney & Australia as they look to backend their year with further releases and performances. 

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