Burnard – ‘Stay High (feat. Ash Ti)’

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A unique artist who lives by the ethos of ‘make weird noise forever’, Burnard is a unique DJ and producer who has just started making waves online. An artist with a talent for blend new school sounds with remnants of classic hip-hop and early era electronica, Burnard splits his time between his day job and his music, grinding away at one so he can afford to excel in the other. An employee for one of the largest legal cannabis operated in the United States, Burnard is perfectly placed to bring us his new single, the aptly titled ‘Stay High’.

A solid hip-hop anthem featuring the brilliant Ash Ti, ‘Stay High’ cuts you to the quick with a sharp string of evocative beats, structured instrumentals, and some truly impressive vocals. Vibrant, immersive, and built to impress, it’s an album that capitalises on the chemistry between Burnard and Ash Ti, showcasing their competitive spirit and drive to be the best with perfect clarity.

While the two artists stand firm on their own artistic merits, Burnard and Ash Ti grew up together in West Los Angeles, California, experimenting with all genres of music and forming the new collection Strange Pets. With an expansive musical taste and will to create, the pair have made a habit of channelling their talents into everything from EDM to hip-hop and gangster rap to country.

Available now alongside a psychedelic DIY video, the new collaboration is a perfect introduction to those not yet familiar with Burnard or Ash Ti, along with a perfect launching pad for both their careers. Check it out below via YouTube.

Alongside ‘Stay High’, Burnard is also championing the release of his very own electronic anthem, ‘Warning Contains Cannabis’, which he released just recently on Spotify. A vibrant new single that is every bit as entertaining as ‘Stay High’, ‘Warning Contains Cannabis’ proves Burnard diverse talents and techno nowse beyond any shadow of a doubt.

You can stream both singles on Burnard’s YouTube page, or head to our annual Spotify playlists where you can hear both singles along with plenty of other stellar independent anthems.

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