Circles of Namibia – ‘Mountain’

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One of the modern progressive metal scene’s newest and most intriguing musical talents, Circles of Namibia has carved out their own path in recent years, building on over a decade of experience to create a fully-fledged musical experience. Promising and wonderfully innovative, the project is the musical moniker of talented solo artist Adam Driskell, an American artist now living and making music in Seoul, South Korea.

Adam’s debut release as the celebrated Circles of Namibia, ‘Where It All Began’ arrives as a unique journey of growth and discovery, one that leans on more traditional progressive metal sounds, while also incorporating unique and free-flowing energy that stands firmly on its own. Recently, publications like Metal Head Community have championed singles like ‘Mountain’, shining a light on the “intelligently written composition” and “layered partitions of guitars, keys, bass, and drums”, and now, it’s our turn to add new fire to the flame.

One of the true highlights of the album, ‘Mountain’ is as expansive, complex, and brilliant as progressive metal can be, delivering fierce, evolving instrumentals with jazz chords and layered partitions of guitars, keys, bass, and drums. Steeped in bold, emotive passages and inspired progressive strands, the single is a brilliant glimpse into the unfolding epic of the full album.

You can check out the single below alongside the official music video which premiered on YouTube in July and be sure to listen to the full album today along with our official review.

An eleven-song epic inspired by some of progressive metal’s biggest names like Dream Theater, Opeth, and Plini, ‘Where It All Began’ is filled with intricate sounds that expand and flow with wild eclectic energy, layering sounds, styles, and deft personal touches to create an enduring and expansive aura experience that will surely stand strong for years to come.

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