Coastal Fire Dept. – ‘Loner’

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Despite the lockdowns and hardships that seemed to rule over the past year, Guernsey’s Coastal Fire Dept. found a way to release some of their biggest and boldest singles to date, catching us all off guard with their patented blend of alt-grunge goodness. Showing no sign of slowing down, the small band with a big sound have released yet another titanic release, pushing boundaries and breaking barriers with the brilliant ‘Loner’.

While Coastal Fire Dept.’s previous single might still be echoing in our minds, ‘Loner’ emerges as the kind of rough-cut anthem that builds on the anger and angst perfectly, dishing out another massive, yet emotive rock cut that finds the band at their absolute best. While ‘Gun’ was all about ferocity and chaos, ‘Loner’ delivers a more reflective and introverted approach to the typical ‘loud, quiet, loud’ format of the ‘90s, dishing out waves of sonic grunge that cascade over vulnerable lyrics and a deafening sense of isolation.

Featuring Kelli Scott from Failure on drums, ‘Loner’ rips through choruses and verse, delivering a cataclysmic medley of heavy sounds and self-reflective that we can all relate to. Musically, it’s a brilliant example of why the band have been making so many waves over the last few years, but lyrically, it’s a masterpiece of emotionally honest and wonderfully relatable music, perfectly detailing the feelings of loneliness and isolation present in an ever-changing world.

Alongside the new release, the band have also revealed a brand-new video that was created and produced by Ryan Knox, which features some clever animations to back the raucous sounds.

Another prime example of why Coastal Fire Dept. is one of our favourite bands right now, ‘Loner’ sees them embracing more emotional and almost cinematic sounds that hit harder and leave a lasting impression, and we couldn’t be happier about it.

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